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Yes, expect HomePlate Peanut Butter to hit more shelves soon. If you are interested in stocking HomePlate at your store, click here to get in touch with us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this, however you can email your custom order to info@homeppb.wpengine.com and we’ll get you taken care of!

HomePlate Peanut Butter comes in 16oz jars.

Yes, all HomePlate Peanut Butter products (except Honey flavor) are verified through North America’s only third-party GMO avoidance check. Our Non-GMO Project certification ensures HomePlate Peanut Butter products have gone through independent testing to confirm there are no genetically-modified ingredients.

Since honey is a product of bees that go to various fields, and it’s hard to confine bees to a specific area, confirming that honey is Non-GMO is an incredibly difficult process. As a result, we cannot confirm that our Honey flavor is Non-GMO. That said, the only possible ingredient that may contain GMOs is the Honey flavor, all other ingredients are Non-GMO verified.

No, HomePlate Peanut Butter is made with all-natural ingredients.

Yes, all of HomePlate Peanut Butter’s ingredients are sourced in a sustainable manner.

Palm Fruit Oil is the liquid derived from the flesh of the fruit grown on African oil palm trees. Palm Seed Oil is extracted from the kernel inside the palm fruit, and contains a higher percentage of saturated fat.

HomePlate Peanut Butter products contain RSPO certified Palm Fruit Oil from sustainable farms.

RSPO, or the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil, is a board of global stakeholders that works to ensure sustainability of palm fruit oil. HomePlate’s RSPO certification means the source of our palm fruit oil has been vetted, and is not produced in a way that is harmful to the environment or wildlife. For more on what this means, click here.

HomePlate Peanut Butter is made with all natural peanuts grown in the USA.

No, since HomePlate Peanut Butter uses only sustainable palm fruit oil and all natural ingredients, it does not contain any trans-fats.

Yes, peanut butter lovers with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity can enjoy HomePlate.

HomePlate Peanut Butter just makes peanut butter for now, but may make other nut butters in the future.

You can store HomePlate Peanut Butter in a cool, dry place until the expiration date printed on the jar.

No, you don’t need to refrigerate HomePlate Peanut Butter.

Our return policy is that any defective product can be returned to the retailer where it was purchased. If you have any questions, please contact us here for more information.

People with allergies or sensitivity to peanuts, honey and/or palm fruit oil should not eat HomePlate Peanut Butter.